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About Rosalyn F. Manesse

Rosalyn F. Manesse is a writer and the author of more than 30 published magazine articles. Rosalyn and her husband, artist Ira Manesse, have three children and three grandchildren. They live in Southern California.

While bringing up her children she devised recipes that were not complicated to prepare. Rosalyn, a registered nurse, is a big believer in a balanced diet that is not loaded with excessive fat. Her book Easy Kosher Cooking, published by Jason Aronson Inc., is the product of thirty-six years of cooking.

About Easy Kosher Cooking

Published by Jason Aronson, Inc.
284 pages
ISBN 1-56821-903-2

Kosher cooking does not have to be complicated. Easy Kosher Cooking includes over 360 delicious, healthful recipes that can be prepared quickly and simply using readily available ingredients. The main focus of this cookbook is on preparing nutritious family meals without a great deal of fuss.

Recipes include such favorites as pizza, barbecued chicken, and brownies. The book also has international dishes such as frijoles, adobo chicken, hummus. There are traditional Jewish dishes: cholent, tzimmes, matzo ball soup. There are two chapters of Passover recipes. Recipes are clearly labeled as meat, dairy or parve.

Rabbi Tszvi Klugerman of Silver Spring, Maryland wrote the Foreward.

Easy Kosher Cooking is available at most book stores and Jewish gift shops. It can be ordered from the publisher at (800) 782-0015.


  • "Easy Kosher Cooking is full of homey recipes everyone will love." Peg Rahn, Pasadena Star News.

  • "She (Rosalyn F. Manesse) is a whiz at translating kosher rules into simple, practical, inexpensive dishes." Barbara Hansen, Los Angeles Times.
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