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Easy & Delicious "Chocolate Chip" Passover Cake

  • 9 eggs, seperated when cold and left to come to room temp.
  • l-l/2 c. sugar
  • l/4 c. matza cake meal
  • l/4 c. potato starch
  • l-2 (6 oz.) bitter, semi or your choice chocolate bars, grated(2/3c)

You need 2 bowls, a small one for the yolks and a large one for the whites in which you will mix cake. Beat egg whites until stiff with an electric mixer. Beat in sugar l tablespoon at a time. Add one yolk at a time continuing beating at a lower speed. Mix together in a bowl the dry ingredients and gently sprinle a little over the top of the egg mixture, carefully folding in throughly.

Pour into an ungreased tube pan and bake for l hour at 350 degrees. (no slamming of doors or yelling please!) Remove from oven and cool upside down over a towel (paper works great). When cool, care- fully cut around the outside of the an and don't forget the center needs to be cut around as well. Pull out the cake with the center funnel and cut between the bottom of the cake and the pan. Lift onto a platter.

This cake is very easy to prepare and is eaten up quickly. You can wrap well in plastic wrap and the in tin foil. This cake freezes well.

My family and friends enjoy this so I can never make just one or two. Buy and grate several chocolate bars and put in a covered container so that whenever you need the 2/3 c. it is readily available.

Barbara Yaroslavsky, Los Angeles, CA

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