Silly Seder Songs by our Cousin Mark

Passover Story

Sung to the tune of The Brady Bunch

It's a story, about baby Moses, who came floating down the river called the Nile

Pharoh's Queen was there just to catch him and so he stayed a while.

Its a story about Jewish builders, who were tired of building Pyramids. All of them were slaves just like their Mothers and just like their kids.

Until one day big Moses talked to Big G. That's G-O-D and that spells Moses's God. He said you just leave and go to Israel I won't make it hard.

So then Moses asked old Pharoh let my people go. He said "For Real"!, no Moses never no. So the 10 plagues were brought to Pharoh and he said Moses go .

Your people can go. Now Moses go. That's the way Pharoh said now Moses go.


Sung to the tune of The Flintstones

Moses, he's our Moses he's the man that took us for a tour
Out of, Pharoh's Egypt went the children that he soon would lure

Come sit and eat matzah all week long. Listen to our prayers and to our songs of Moses he's our hero he's a really really good time, a forty year guy he's the one that set us free.

Moses Island

Sung to the tune of Gilligan's Island

Just recline right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of dreadful trip. That started with ten awful plagues brought onto Egypt, brought unto Eqypt.

The boss he was a Jewish man raised as a Pharoh's son. Then G-d he did come calling and soon the fun begun, soon the fun begun.

More blood, such frogs, and all those bugs, Pharoh could just barely see. The Jews were really scoring points and soon they would be free. , and soon they would be free.

They shlepped and shlepped for forty years across a desert land. He went up to Mt Sinai and a party soon began, a party soon began.

Moses, the Pharoh too, Aharon and his wife. Marianne the skipper too here on the desert island.

Barney Pesach

Sung to the tune of I Love You, You Love Me

We are Jews can't you see, Moses took us out we're free. With a long long walk from Sinai to Israel, Charlton Heston's role he'd steal.

All contents Copyright 1998 Mark Kreditor.